It's Showtime at MFA Houston

sculpture garden at MFA Houston

MFA Houston has a great way to escape the afternoon heat, catch a classic during the matinee with the Marx Brother's "Duck Soup." You probably have seen some of their "oldie but goodie" films; however, this is one that's worth skipping out on work around 2pm to see, a slapstick, muscial and comedy all rolled into one.

The small state of Freedonia is in a financial mess. To make matters worse Sylvania, the neighboring state sends inept spies aka Marx brothers, Chicolini and Pinky to obtain top secret information, creating even more chaos! The plot thickens when leaders from the two countries become embroiled in a romantic dispute and a declare war on each other.

The fun doesn't stop there! Houston's own Art Guys are stopping by the MFA, the shameless self promoters will present and discuss a documentary of their compiled works over the past 25 years.

If you really prefer something a little more dramatic and adventurous, then you can head a few block west of the MFA Houston to the Menil. They've teamed up with the good folks from the Aurora Picture show to host a "Movies in the Park."

The show Du jour is a trail mix of western flavored cinema, "A Ride Through TV Westerns". If you savor highlights and short excerpts from some of the classic bang bang, shoot'em-up westerns. Come take a nostalgic journey into westerns golden era, when men let their gunbelts sag instead of their pants.

Did I mention how much MFA Houston and the Menil are charging for these cultural events? Nada! With that kind of price tag you'll be hard pressed to find an excuse for not getting your "cuhlcha on" this week in Houston.