Midtown Houston Restaurants

guy holding badge

Several Midtown Houston Restaurants were visited by the City of Houston's health department inspectors in April. They were out and about doing their regular inspections alongwith a few unannounced visits. Thank God, the city's inspectors weren't able to find any life threatening violations in the local eateries.
Just the usual stuff, hair nets, food handling and poor lighting violations. Here some of the places mentioned in the April food establishment report.

New $.99 Cents Barbecue Sandwich

I'm sure the mini-chopped barbecue beef sandwiches are usually pretty good. I won't embarrass the eatery by naming them, but I will add they have a nifty looking little sandwich for under a buck.

I had an unbelievable experience when I stopped in the Midtown Houston's barbecue restaurant selling these delightful treats. What was unbelievable, was the way the management acted. It ended up tainting my tastebuds.

What really got me perturbed about the place was how the guy who was managing that day, openly lorded over the waitstaff.

The poor young lady who was trying to finish her shift and go home, was chastised by her boss rather loudly. His tone and remark "I didn't get money", sounded more like a pimp than a manager. He was all over the poor waitress like white on rice about the money for two orders, a couple of guys had made and were sitting in the corner checking out the NCAA playoffs.

She explained that she hadn't collected the money. Obviously, the Midtown Houston Restaurant doesn't have a pay when you order policy posted. If they do, he should have simply reminded her that no orders are prepared until he receives the money.

Let me get off the soap box, and mention they've always had some pretty good barbecue in the past, but the terrible decorum spoiled a good meal for me.