Entertainment In Houston

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To see first class entertainment in Houston, locals make the trek to the Theater District from all points outside of the beltway. Especially during the annual Open House in the Theater District and you best believe, there's plenty of fun and enjoyment.

Houston has permanent professional resident companies in all of the major performing arts disciplines. And we lay claim to being the only city in America, that has a collective open house involving all of these groups and their multiple venues.

Visitors to the Theater District Open House get an open door to opera, ballet, music and theater once a year in an event that is growing in attendance. Throughout the day you can checkout backstage tours, performances, and more!

The Houston Symphony takes a break from performing concerts throughout the world, to be on hand to enchant the the home crowd with a rousing performance. All of the performing arts organizations from Theater Under The Stars to the Alley Theater like to show off for the folks.

When you're through absorbing all that refined cuhlcha, there is plenty of entertainment in Houston holed up inside of the Bayou Place entertainment complex. It's a place where you can get your groove on at the Hard Rock Cafe, Slick Willies or just chill at the any of the restaurants and movies to let your hair back down.