5 Good Places To Eat In The Texas Medical Center

Here is a look at some Midtown Houston restaurants where you can eat good while in the Texas Medical Center. We wanted to share these places with you, so the next time, hunger strikes while visiting or working in the TMC you will have a handy guide to use.

Recently while visiting a sick relative I took time out to do a little snooping to see whats to eat near the Hermann hospital complex. I was really surprised to find eating places everywhere I turned. They are on just about every floor and they have some really expansive variety of cuisines for diners to choose from.

The restaurants in and around Hermann Hospital are obviously designed with convenience in mind. The first dinning opportunities are along the walk way as soon as you exit the elevators leading from the parking garage, A couple of the eateries in that area are: Briochee doree and au bon pain, however both are closed on Sunday.

One of the places that is open on Sunday’s, where they serve up plenty of goodies is the Cafe Hermann. Its layout was very customer-friendly. It is as excellent use of space, with multiple serving areas spread around the entire room, instead of an old-school cafeteria style line, moving pass a steam table.

There was a nook containing a sandwich bar and across the way from there another area full of fresh veggies and a well stocked salad and dessert bars beckon you as you head toward the checkout line.

5 Good Places To Eat In The Texas Medical Center

Rising Roll
au bon pain cafe
Cafe Hermann
Brioche Doree

I drifted through several floors of the facility while on the hunt for something to eat. I eventually wandered into ye old standby, a vending area. It held the traditional soft drink machine and a line of snack machines filled with enough snacks to make a healthy heart stop pumping.

Quality Restaurants

If you’re like my mother, you will be able get a good sense of the dinning experience from the outside of most restaurants. Trash on the floor and tables that are allowed to sit full of dirty dishes, says plenty about the quality of the overall experience at food establishments. Poor cleanliness habits are symbiotic with bad restaurants the world over.

These are just some of the good places to eat in the Texas Medical Center we plan to bring you more about the fine restaurants in the TMC area so you can always find something that will soothe your hunger when you’re in and around Midtown Houston.

You can find plenty of restaurants in and around Hermann and the other hospitals to tide one over during any visit or doctors appointment in the Texas Medical Center. Be ware of the confusing directional signs in the buildings. I was reluctant to venture very far from the elevator for fear of being lost in a time warp.