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The next time you're dinning in Midtown Houston, take notice that there does not seem to be any taco trucks in the area. Just about everywhere you go in this city you see them. In parking lots, on the side of the road and on pads sites at gas stations. These purveyors of quick and fast food, are seldom seen in this part of Houston.

I don't generally eat at a lot of them, but there are one or two that I patronize when I'm looking for some good Tex-Mex. They have been around for a few years and occasionally I'll visit them, when I am close by their location.

Mexican Food

The last couple of times I visited one of them to get Mexican Food, I noticed they have changed the size of their tortillas. The were about 8 to 10 inches in diameter, now they use a smaller one that seems to be about 5 inches.

The tortas and burritos don't seem to have been affected yet, but I'm sure they will be changing these menu staples too. These small eateries were once a sure bet, as a place where you could get a pretty good value for your buck. Now, cut backs have seem to have drizzled down to them.

We still have some grrrreat choices for Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food in and around Midtown Houston.

scene in front of taco a go go in Midtown Houston

Mexican Food In Midtown Houston

Taco A Go Go
Main Street near the HCC Metrorail stop

Cyclone Anaya Midtown

309 Gray Street

Ruby Tequila's Mexican Kitchen

2616 Louisiana Street @ McGowen near Chase Bank


1600 Westheimer in the heart of Montrose

La Mexicana Restaurant


El Patio Mexican Restaurant Midtown

Near Spec Liquors in Midtown

Maybe the reason Mexican food in Midtown Houston does not include mobile food trucks is they know that we love our tacos big and full of pastor, fajita and pollos.

They know little dinky tortillas are not welcome in this part of town. We're not going for it. When we have places to eat in Houston that offer heaping plates full of delicious Mexican food to dine on in Midtown.

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