Wortham Theater

One of Houston's primary performing arts center in downtown.

Downtown Aquarium

A must see family-friendly restaurant and aquarium.

Healthy Meals on Wheels

The Green Seed Vegan offers healthy dishes and drinks at various locations around the city.

Children's Museum

The museum is a place where kids come to have fun and leave smarter. It is also one of the top Houston attractions

Things to Do In Houston

Antique Shopping visiting botanical gardens and the weather museum are fun activities for couples.

Where To Grab A Quick Meal Near Texas Medical Center

The next time you are in a hurry and in need of a restaurant where you can grab a bite to eat without a long wait, near the Texas Medical Center in Houston, you may want to check out these 4 places that are gaining a reputation for good food, served fast.

Cafe Express
Bodegas Taco Shop and Tequila Bar:
Charlie's Deli
Park Plaza Sandwich Shop

Fast service should never mean that you have to sacrifice quality, flavor or freshness. In the restaurant industry that means, that you don’t want to pay hard earned money for some warmed over frozen food that's been put into a micro wave to speed up the delivery time.
We have tried a few places around town that will remain nameless where they proudly serve you micro-waved food without hiding that fact.

We want to point out these 4 restaurants in Midtown Houston, because they not only serve good food, but work hard to create an exceptional dinning experience. I’m not talking about a hoity-toity style, but the kind of eatery where you can let your hair down, talk loud at the TV and relax comfortably after work or waiting which is a lot harder than working for most of us.

Bodegas Taco Shop and Tequila Bar
1200 Binz #160

Bodegas which is what small grocery stores that are sometimes combined with a wine shops in Hispanic communities are commonly called, lives up to its name.
They serve their version of taco soup and their menu highlights or a pizza and wine special.

If you have a group of hungry people in tow, you can get their wing platter that’s served with a pitcher of beer. Need to find more about their menu check online, at Bodegas Taco Shop.

Charlies Deli
1200 Binz Street

Not enough information available.

Cafe Express

If you are planning a trip and you are in or near the Houston Museum District the place to enjoy a quick bite to eat is at Cafe Express. It’s inside on the lower level of the Audrey Jones Beck Building at the MFA-Houston.

Cafe Express is noted for freshly prepared Southwestern cuisine with an artistic twist. You can get breakfast, a boxed meal or trays by visiting them or calling ahead.
They are open all week and 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. and on weekends.

On weekends is they team up with the Museum of fine arts to provide a discount on dinner and a movie. All you have to do is arrive at the box office early enough before the film screening to dine, and ask about the film and food coupon for Cafe Express when you get your ticket.

The film box office opens about an hour before the films begin. . Click here to see the current MFAH film schedule.

Park Plaza Sandwich Shop
1213 Hermann Drive

Being located on Hermann Drive places this eatery smack dab in the heart of the medical center in Houston. There isn’t a website available at this time but you can find dozens of reviews online about this Midtown Houston dinning establishment.

They are listed in the top 10 restaurants in the Museum district by Urban spoon reviewers and Google maps show them on the ground floor of the Park Plaza Hospital building.

The wonderful part about these restaurants near the Texas Medical Center is that they all have varied menus full of tasty treats. The service and the food should match your expectations for quality Southern dinning.

Best of all is that all of these restaurants offer something for every taste bud and they serve many of the local favorites like subs and soups, burger's and fries.