Where To Find Your Favorite Sandwich In Midtown Houston

We went in search of places where sandwiches rule in Midtown Houston. What we discovered is that there are plenty of businesses offering a decent pairing of bread and meat. An upside was that we did not have to limit our dining choices to delicatessens, burger joints and meat markets to get a sandwich made just the way we like them.

In Houston you can get gourmet sandwiches at steak houses, kolaches at donuts shops and a typical polish sausage to go at the convenience store across the street from the Greyhound bus station. Read on and see some of the other places that serve some awesome Texas-size sandwiches.

A Search For A Sandwich

Our tasty adventure started with some basic criteria, a search for something edible being served with bread. It was fueled by a 2 hour break between classes and a desire to be able find a few good places to enjoy a stomach warming bowl of soup and a sandwich after class at HCC-Central in Midtown.

With the abundance of yuppies and apartments for rent in Midtown Houston we were sure there were some healthier alternatives than eating deep fried fast food.

The biggest story has to be that a city with a reputation for taking the world to new heights has continued the tradition and elevated the humble sandwich to a new status.

Everywhere we looked we found them on menu after menu. It seems that every restaurant in Houston has a house sandwich, much like the Italians value there house vino.

Sandwich Shops And Delis In Houston’s Midtown

Houston families eat out more than people in any other U.S. city. We also seem to have a love affair with bread served with a heaping pile of all kinds of scrumptious goodies inside, Thanks to that fact, there is always something delightful to eat within walking distance from just about anywhere in Midtown, that will please the most highly discriminating taste buds. You can visit our restaurant guide to find restaurants in Midtown Houston that serve sandwiches. Here are a few more:

Soup or Salad
Jason Deli
Which Which
The Vegan Cafe

What's In A Sandwich

Not since the days when John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich demanded to be served his favorite bread stuffed with a variety of meats, so he wouldn’t have to leave the gaming table to get a full course meal, have people paid so much attention to bread topped and stuffed with edible delicacies.

There were times during the Great Depression when just eating a jam sandwich, two pieces of homemade bread jammed together with nothing but air between them, was all some people would have to eat. We have even heard claims that when hungry trappers in the Louisiana swamps happened upon a snake it signaled time for a delicacy, snake on bread. Elvis Presley was renowned for eating peanut butter and banana sandwich with bacon

People shared with us how their comfort food during hard times, between paychecks and while attending college were sandwiches made from bread smothered with just ketchup, mayonnaise or syrup.

The Meat And Bread Makeover

The best way to describe a modern sandwich is bread filled with stuff. We tasted sandwiches with meat, without meat and with meat alternatives. An all time faux meat favorite is an fried eggplant sandwich discovered in Virginia, that’s next to impossible to find in Houston.

Rawfers, vegans and vegetarians who live in Midtown Houston apartments frequent The Vegan Cafe where they serve meatless sandwiches so full of delicious veggies that you’ll never miss the beef..

What's In Name
Today bread and meat has reached a regal status and very seldom will you find them simply being called a sandwich. They have acquired lively descriptive monikers like Natchitoche meat pies, Philly Cheese Steaks and Po’ Boys.

The love affair between the new generation of foodies and the delicious duo of meat and bread has prompted people to name them with the same care, fondness and fervor as they do their pets and children. Why settle for roast beef when you could have French dip it. Then there’s the American classic, a Hero/ Submarine, Dagwooda, Reubens and the names could go on for days.

Sandwiches From Around The World

In a handful of Midtown Houston restaurants you can experience food from just about any culture in the world. Many of the names used to refer to a sandwich differs by region and country. Gyros, Frankfurters and Baguettes were originally vital components of immigrant cuisine. Today you can find them listed on menus alongside mainstream dishes.
For authentic samplings of Bánh mì, Tacos or Cubans just drop into one of the Midtown bakeries, delis or food establishments owned by immigrants. A few of the well known eateries offering culturally oriented fare are:

Au Bon Pain-TMC
Rising Roll-Asian
Ga’s Restaurant-Vietnamese
Van Loc - Chinesse & Vietnamese
Hoang Son Sandwich Shop
Richi's Taqueria Las Americas

Our search for sandwiches in Midtown Houston resulted in us finding all kinds of delectable goodies being served between pieces of bread. It's your turn to get started on your tasty adventure.
The things that go into making a good sandwich run the gambit from all kinds of crunchy veggies to anything that can be chopped sliced, spread or dribbled on top of something. Buffalo wings and chicken nuggets reign on children’s menus, but when adults need a all in one meal, everyone prefers a big ol’ sandwich.