Wortham Theater

One of Houston's primary performing arts center in downtown.

Downtown Aquarium

A must see family-friendly restaurant and aquarium.

Healthy Meals on Wheels

The Green Seed Vegan offers healthy dishes and drinks at various locations around the city.

Children's Museum

The museum is a place where kids come to have fun and leave smarter. It is also one of the top Houston attractions

Things to Do In Houston

Antique Shopping visiting botanical gardens and the weather museum are fun activities for couples.

Thanksgiving Dinner Cruises In Houston

Treat yourself, your family or your significant other to a special meal during a Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise. It will create a memorable, magical and marvelous Thanksgiving in Houston for you to remember.

The cruises are hosted onboard some of the incredible luxury yachts in the area.
Expect the holiday cruise to last anywhere from two up to four hours with plenty of food, fun and fabulous entertainment wrapped in a party atmosphere.

It’s the perfect way to ensure there is lots of delicious stuffing in the turkey, without experiencing the same old stuffy holiday routine.

Thanksgiving Dinner In Houston

The meals are served while the yachts are cruising on the loal waterways. They slowly float past some of the beautiful large estates on Clear Lake, the Kemah boardwalk and Galveston Bay.

The chefs seem to go all out to put together dandy, delightful and delicious dishes for the guest on each of the fabulous yacht cruises. You can expect to be offered several dinning options.

Lite fare
Full dinner
Specialty dinner

The typical Thanksgiving Dinner Cruise menu includes, turkey and a few other local favorites like Blackened Tilapia, garden fresh vegetables, appetizers and lots of salads to choose from.

Holiday Dinner Cruises

The price for an all inclusive Thanksgiving cruise cost, on average for adults: $69.95, children: $39.95.

City Lights Cruises
Star fleet Yachts
The big White boat
Houston Party boats

This is just our short list of places that offer holiday cruises that will be setting sail throughout the 2010 season. Visit us soon for more details about other great holiday cruises and meals.

6 Places For Scrumptious Soul Food In Houston

thick  soul food gravy

Sensational, spicy soul food is easy to find in Midtown Houston restaurants, when your exotic taste buds began to crave down-home African American dishes like grits, smothered oxtails and/or barbecue.

You don’t have to settle for a bland cafeteria version of these delightful Southern specialties. Houston is where you can find the real McCoy served in cordial, clean and comfortable restaurant's throughout the city.

Southern Dining In Houston

We have personally visited all of the restaurants on this list and can tell you that our desire for eating African American cuisine in warm, welcoming, and wonderful atmospheres was met beyond our expectations.

One of the traditions of Southern African American cooking is heaping helpings of hospitality and food, all of these places have got that part down pat. Their menu items are a reflection of a variety of the other cultures that have influenced generations of African American cooks.

Soul Food Specialties


We found the yams served at “This Is It” to be the sweetest things this side of heaven. They were cooked with just enough cinnamon and sugar to flavor the dish and still allow the earthy taste of the yams natural sugar to seep through.

Fried Chicken

wings and waffles

Fried foods have taken a beating in the quest for healthier dining choices, but the wings that we were served at Sparkle Hamburgers with a waffles and wings breakfast were as close to grease-less as you can hope to find anywhere.

Fried Catfish

If you have been avoiding fish at restaurants because they only serve the well known ocean varieties of Cod and Trout and you prefer that down-home taste of Catfish, Thelma’s got you covered. Although she is widely recognized for the way she almost magically infuses smoke into a piece of beef, the lady can work wonders with fried Catfish too.


This cut of meat has taken a beating from health eating advocates, because it is so high in fat and protein. But it’s a part of the cow that is considered a delicacy in soul food. As their name implies “Just Ox Tails” is the best place in Houston to find them on the menu any day of the week. They have no qualms serving them for either lunch or dinner.

Houston Soul Food Restaurant List

(abbreviated menu on Sparkle Burger Building)
sparkle burgers houston

Breakfast Club
Bobby Cues
This Is It
Thelma's Barbecue
Midtown Smokehouse
Sparkle Hamburger
Zydeco Diner

At most soul food restaurants in Houston and those in other cities around the country you can expect to find delicious corn bread and thick, biscuit sopping gravy on just about any menu.

If you know of any place in Houston with scrumptious Creole and African American cooking that deserves a place on this hastily compiled list of restaurants, we would like to know about them. You are welcome to add their address in the comment section below or by contacting us through the email link in the column on the right.