Wortham Theater

One of Houston's primary performing arts center in downtown.

Downtown Aquarium

A must see family-friendly restaurant and aquarium.

Healthy Meals on Wheels

The Green Seed Vegan offers healthy dishes and drinks at various locations around the city.

Children's Museum

The museum is a place where kids come to have fun and leave smarter. It is also one of the top Houston attractions

Things to Do In Houston

Antique Shopping visiting botanical gardens and the weather museum are fun activities for couples.

Houston Theater: Ensemble Theater

cast of American Menu IN Houston
The Ensemble Houston theater cast of American Menu had the rare opportunity to visit the diner that inspired the play. It allowed them to take a look at the exact place that was in the head of the playwright. Their short impromptu tour even included some lunch.

Now that they are nearing their final performances. The long ride to Livingston, Texas the passionate work, and the long road it took from it's conception to the Ensemble's stage can be fully appreciated.

American Menu written by Don Wilson Glenn, characterizes a group of 5 Black women working at a Livingston, Texas diner in 1968. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination, the brutal murder of a black child in their community form the backstory. The Texas playwright uses witty prose to power the dialogue and fuel the worker's conversations that are focused on prejudice, poverty and each other.

Although it's Houston theater debut is directed by a woman(Eileen J. Morris), features an all-female cast (Shirley Whitmore, Detria Ward, Rachel Hemphill Dickson, Tisha Dorn and Lee Waddell) written from a female perspective, and can easily fit into the psyche of the largely female subscriber base of the Ensemble Theater. It's not a play just for women.

Its powerful themes are strong enough for any man, who will allow the playwrights masterful work about civil rights and uncivilized wrongs a place inside their head.

Houston Museums: Buffalo Soldiers Museum In Houston

Houston museum flyer
A groundbreaking joint effort between Houston museums and several Houston organizations may have created a new art form, because of the breathtaking exhibit detailing a piece of Black History. The Buffalo Soldiers Museum was one of the museums consulted after 39 well-preserved remains presumed to be Buffalo Soldiers were discovered in New Mexico.

Historical Art and Science Exhibit

The scientist from the Smithsonian Institute National Museum of Natural History along with some local engineers and other scientists went over the the bones with more that just the usual fine tooth comb. The museum exhibit combines art, technology, engineering and forensic science to unlock some lost military history and life at Fort Craig, New Mexico in the mid-1860's.

Modern technology afforded the use of microscopes, CT scanners, X-ray machines and digital measuring devices to reveal the true identities of the Black American soldiers. They unraveled clues to the rugged, isolated and often difficult conditions for soldiers at Fort Craig. These 21st Century tools enabled the scientists to positively identify 3 of the soldiers by comparing the details of their remains with the military enlistment records.

Black History Exhibit In February

buffalo soldier museum logo
The results is an exhibit of how forensic science can paint an accurate picture by pulling together small pieces of information to tell a story. This one of a kind, behind the scene look gives visitors insight into forensic anthropology and the techniques that are used to recover and assess important information such as the age, sex, stature, ancestry of skeletal remains.

It'll reveals for the first time publicly the intricate work that sculptors must do to capture the minute details needed to put a face on unidentifiable human remains. It's thought to be bold attempt to render the first known facial reconstruction of a Buffalo soldier. The face will be reconstructed in front of visitors during the Houston Museums, February Black History exhibit.

Buffalo Soldiers Museum In Houston

There have been two good by-products from the discovery of these remains. Something is finally being done to prevent the widespread looting of national treasures, remote burial sites like Fort Craig and old cemeteries, by relic hunters. And the bodies of these Buffalo soldiers were moved to a fitting and secure final resting place in the Santa Fe National Cemetery.

This incredible blending of art and science will bring some much needed attention and admiration to a group of once lost, but never forgotten African American soldiers and the Buffalo Soldier Museum.

Places For Couples To Dine On Valentines Day In Houston

You can stop looking for fun places for couples to dine on Valentine Day in Houston. Instead check out this list of incredibly awesome places that many local couples are flocking to this year.

If your idea of fun includes wine, pajamas and fun then I've got some details on when, where and how you can get in on some big time partying in H-town. Here are a few places for you to consider:

Pajama Cruise
Love Bug Dance
Personal Chefs In Houston

Pajama Cruise

There will be party and games at the one-of-a-kind Valentine's Day Pajama Cruise. Not only can you dress down for this event. You're invited to wear your favorite pj's and slippers and you may want to bring your robe to keep warm on this grown ups only cruise.
The excitement begins at 11pm and last till the wee hours of the morning. There will be plenty of snacks to go around and your favorite 4 P's.

  • Partying
  • Pajama contest
  • Prizes
  • Party People
Love Bug Dance

Only in Houston can you get your groove on and stroll through a living, tropical rainforest at a Valentine Dance. The Houston Museum Of Natural Science has put together an enchanting evening for people who want an all-inclusive evening of romance. Included in the price of a ticket are:

  • Cocktails
  • Appetizers
  • Dancing
  • Live Music
Personal Chefs In Houston

It doesn't matter if you or your spouse, mate or lover is new to cooking or a connoisseur of fine dinning, a home cooked meal can become a special treat when you use team work. I've included these few brief facts you should know about on dinning at home from the “Bertolli Romance Report1”.
  • The average couple expressed that their relationships could benefit from more romance.
  • Most wanted to talk more in person and sit down to a meal more often with their spouse/significant other.
  • Two-thirds stated that eating meals at home promotes intimacy more than eating out.
Begin your romantic dinning adventure with the menu selection and the purchasing of the food and the love and happiness could very well last long past the lovingly prepared meal.

These places for couples to dine on Valentines Day make it easy to create an exotic memorable affair. It will be refreshing to escape the same old routine, hanging out in the same old places.

You're welcome to leave me a line or two in the comment section about your favorite, fantastic, fabulous and fun places for great dinning experiences in Houston.

10 Things To Do In Houston

If you're looking for some fun things to do in Houston this week, check out this list. Here's a list of stuff to do that you'll surly love. It has a little but of everything on it, so that it's enjoyable whether you are single, a family or a pet lover.

1 Do Take advantage of the awesome amenities, skate park, golf course and other facilities offered by the city of Houston through the Houston Parks and Recreation Department.

2. Do leave glass bottles and/or containers in the car and keep your pet on a leash when you visit any of the 350 developed parks and over 200 greenspaces in Houston.

3.Do catch the high-powered action of NCAA Sporting events when you visit Houston. Houston is home to 4 major Universities that are always major contenders in their respective conferences.

4. Attending a NFL,MLB or any sports events in Houston requires that you get an early if you don't want to spend time in a traffic jam that has slowed to a crawl.

5. Take the NASCAR lover in your family out to Houston Motorsports Park for Pro Stock Car racing they'll also enjoy their Outlaw Pro Modified drag racing too.

6.Do your teens a favor and make a pit stop at the Cornerstone MX Park for some high flying motocross action. Houston also has Horse and Greyhound racing.

7. One of the really fun thing every visitor to Houston should do is take a guided tour of Minute Maid Park, Toyota Center or downtown Houston.

8. If you want to see some of the finest examples of rare, 19th-century furniture, pottery and Duchess De Caze Pink Camellias pay a visit to the Bayou Bend Garden's.

9. Another fabulous thing to do in Houston is to eat Soul food. Just Ox tails, This is it and the Breakfast Klub are the favorite eating places for many local residents.

10. Your to do list isn't complete until you've been on the lively tour at The National Buffalo Soldiers Museum In Houston.

There is always some fun things to do in Houston, regardless to what part of the city you reside, visit are traveling to. A few of the events may require the weather to cooperate, but if you give it a few minutes the weather will change,

Lots of the thing on this list are not only kid friendly they can be done on the cheap.

Target's Free First Sunday

target free first Sunday

It's time for that Houston museum visit during Target's Free First Sunday, that you keep putting off. This weekend the Houston weather is finally co-operating and now it's your turn to commit. You'll be back in time for the Super Bowl if you venture out of the house for a couple of hours and take the kids to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and their popular event, Target's Free First Sunday.

You, the smallest members and the whole family will be beaming with delight as ya'll discover art and take part in a variety of cool learning activities. This Houston MFAH event allows visitors to explore, create and experience art, stories, a performance or a flick, and more! It's a great way to expose young children to art something they can enjoy for the remainder of their life.

No preregistration, No admission, it's a No brainer! This fantastic event is one that every Houston kid must see and do.