Wortham Theater

One of Houston's primary performing arts center in downtown.

Downtown Aquarium

A must see family-friendly restaurant and aquarium.

Healthy Meals on Wheels

The Green Seed Vegan offers healthy dishes and drinks at various locations around the city.

Children's Museum

The museum is a place where kids come to have fun and leave smarter. It is also one of the top Houston attractions

Things to Do In Houston

Antique Shopping visiting botanical gardens and the weather museum are fun activities for couples.

Art And Theater Companies In Houston

Private art galleries and theater companies that are located in Houston, anchor Houston's dynamic art scene. They are always filled with vibrant exhibits, performances and world-class artist from around the globe.

It's a pleasure to be tell you about some of places where you can find great works of art outside of traditional venues, that are adding-to, building-up and influencing the city's cultural value.



Community Artist's Collective713-523-1616
Crossline Art Gallerywww.crosslinegallery.com
Dominic Walsh Dance Theaterwww.dwdt.org
Ensemble Theater713-520-0055
Gallery Sonja Roeschwww.gallerysonjaroesch.com
Houston Center for Contemporary Artswww.crafthouston.org
Heinen Theatre and Theatre One713-718-6570
Houston Fire Museumwww.houstonfiremuseum.org
Inman Gallerywww.inmangallery.com
Kinzelman Art Consultantswww.kinzelmanart.com
Lawndale Art Centerwww.lawndaleartcenter.org
Midtown Art Center713-521-8803

We've realize that this list contains just a sampling of the places to experience art and where true lovers of live theater gather in Houston.

If you want a free listing for your business or organization in any of our guides just contact us.

Houston Theater

I've started compiling an urban theater guide for people that want to catch some of the fabulous live urban theater that Houston has to offer. I have to agree with Atlanta director Kenny Leon who stated in a NY Times interview that regional theaters and today's hip, in-your-face urban theater are two different things,” he noted, “We shouldn’t try to make them be the same things.”

The contemporary language, themes and topics are the trademarks that set these unique community theater apart as a platform for artistic productions that are entertaining crowd pleasing events. If you have the name of a organization that needs to be listed in our free directory just drop me a line in the comment section of the blog.

Houston Urban Theater Guide

The Ensemble Theatre
www.ensemblehouston.com -
(713) 520-0055

Interactive Theater 333 South Jensen Drive
(713) 862-7112

Encore Theater
I have already completed the listings in the our Urban Theater Guide for the the groups listed above. I'm sure there are lots of others that can benefit from being placed in the directory.